Monday, January 24, 2011

What Im painting now...

This is my favorite of the FOUR dino paintings Im sorta kinda working on now.

I actually just took stock of the canvases Im trying to complete. I stopped counting at 18. This is the list:

4 DINOS ( one involving the love for a unicorn)
4 Monster Doodles
1 Anatomical heart ache painting inspired by the poetry of Gregory Sherl (but not in the way that those who might have read Sherl wil be thinking "anatomical")
4 birds (one humming, one with inspirational life message)
1 giraffe
2 colorful I-dont-know-whats-its
2 canvases pastel primer-ed w/o subject

thats 18 (and theres always the this and that ive been meaning to finish but havent touched in 6 months)! AND im about to start a marsupial commission.

Hopefully a few of these will be completed and up soon.