Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sharpie Doodle & the Monster Paintings it inspired.

Some Blog Readers will remember my Bloat Monster. Using him as a starting point, I've started 2 monster paintings.

Below are 2 monster siblings that are wonderfully different but obviously related. Im excited to see what they will grow into.

I'm still working on these wonderful guys, so hopefully I'll be posting the finished work soon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finshed. Hummingbird in Orange

6"x6". oil and acrylic on canvas.

ive been working on this little guy for a while- off and on. I have a few more bird paintings to finish, but ive promised my self not to START anymore in 2011. This is probably gonna be the last humming bird you see from me in quite a while.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Finished. Unnamed Giraffe Painting.

Whew! I love when I KNOW a painting is complete.

I'm thinking "Lanky Lavender"? or maybe "Mulberry Mammalian Madge"?

Honestly, I'm better at painting them than naming them. She isnt dry to the touch yet, so please forgive the quality of the pics. Below are pics from Start to finish of this unnamed amethyst Giraffe.

Beginning with a Sketch....

painting starts to take form..... I kinda liked her bald...

Adding a few spots and a little hair...

a tail here, a pupil there... plus a few finishing touches

click on the pic for a larger, clear-er view & wonderful pics to come, I promise... as soon as it dries enough for the shine to wear off a bit.

Im on the verge of finishing several paintings, so please check back soon.

2/16 Update:
her name is now: Long Neck Lola

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I finished my first monster painting...

mmm... So I think I finished my first (doodle)monster painting. Its itty bitty. 5x5inches. It has an unfinished sister painting that should be finished in about 6 weeks, so check back for that one. That one is a bit larger and Im probably gonna be able to do more with it.

I dont really know where Im going with these, but that's pretty exciting right now. Im really motivated to continue these and see where and what they evolve to. I posted pics of the process below.

My first monster doodle. I do love to add tentacles.

I think I had a purple canvas already painted and ready for a subject...

The eyes still needed a bit more...

It seems finished, but im not sure if it FEELS finished. we'll see.

PS- Thank you , Amanda Burns, for the monster idea.