Wednesday, June 22, 2011

love notes, Sharpie Doodle Monsters

Here are some recent Sharpie Monster Doodles. This new batch of my lovely ickys seem a bit more whimsy than usual. Almost like they are dancing.

These are much smaller than the one in the last post. 5.5 x 8inches I think.

for more information on these wonderful creatures, please check my ETSY site.


PS- Sharpie ( my fav Marker) is sending some love my way. Check out this post!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Mamma Jamma Sharpie Doodle Monster in Progress

Well, I've been working on her for a while now. Im up to about 3 feet of Sharpie Doodle. All those tiny details take a while. Looking at these pics Im not sure any more if Ive even finished the original drawing- not to mention what I want to put on top of her. I think parts of this need to be 3-D, so it literally pops up at you.

I drained two Sharpies dry making this momma. When was the last time you can remember finishing a Sharpie? Never is my guess. FEEL FREE to click on the pics to see tons of detail!

Ive been in a doodling frenzy so I'll have smaller monster doodles and more on this Mamma Jamma soon, Im sure.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Owl & Narwhal Love on CCCP Page

Having found an Old Russian textbook from 1983 at the local YMCA, I knew I had to paint all over its forgotten pages. I love recycling old books into fun doodles.

I have recently added these to my ETSY sight. If you need a bit more Owl or Narwhal love in your home, be certain to check it out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lincoln (Narwhale) Love

In the last 12 hours, Ive been in a bit of a frenzy sketching ol'Abe.

Hopefully, these will lead to a really fun painting.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recycled Crafty Happiness- Post Cards

Recently, I've been spending a fair amount of time painting and gluing all over things I would normally throw away. These are mostly cardboard containers of household items such as cereal, energy drinks, boxes of tea, and older books in foreign languages. I've cut these mostly into the size of postcards and randomly sent them to loved ones whose addresses I have on hand.

PS- If you want one, give me your address. I have a few more left and Id be happy to send a few more out into the world.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Marcie Experiments

Marcie Paper is an artist with wonderful pieces that she creates through a process of painting, sanding, painting and repeating. Ive adored her work for quite a while, even though it is so different from what I normally create.

Recently, I took a page from her process. Painting on top of several Sharpie Doodles of various sizes, and then painting on top of that, and more on top of that- and so on. Eventually, I would add more doodles on top of the pieces or sew on it to add more texture.

I dont know how many more of these i'll be doing, but it was a fun experiment in creativity.

(The pics on this post are of my work, but please go to Marcie's site and check out her brilliance.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 headed giraffe and an (in progress) monster doodle.

My last post promised that I was getting back into the swing of things artistically. This post I wanted to post some proof. Above is the (maybe) complete sketch of my 2 headed giraffe. Hopefully more sketches or oil paintings on the subject will follow.

Below is the beginnings of a new project. Some of you might remember my Sharpie Monster Doodles- most were on 5x8 or 11x14 paper. I am now shooting to make a few large Monster Doodles. Im thinking at least small child sized. Im kicking around the idea of them having moving parts... I dont know, but we'll see. Im excited to find out where this takes me.

(she is always so judgmental of my work...)

Anyway, I have several projects piled up that need my attention (new and old) and I hope to be filling this blog with many dino, kangaroo, and monster paintings and creations!