Monday, August 15, 2011

Sugar Skull Sharpie Doodles and other DAY OF THE DEAD art in progress..

Just this weekend Ive started several Sugar Skull projects.

A few Sharpie Doodles....

a few of the in progress Oil Paintings...

Im excited to work on these and I will post more as they finish. As for the Doodles, If you would like to see more, or have one of them in your home- please check my ETSY site.


  1. Love the doodles and it's great to see how the oil paintings are progressing!

  2. The doodles are awesome! It appears you did so much so quickly! Love the girl skull with the flip and red lipstick! Look forward to the progress on the paintings.

  3. o o o o I just love all the skulls!!! Even better that they are pink purple and blue, my fav colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!