Saturday, February 6, 2010

Charlie & Rex

Originally I wanted to paint a T-Rex and a unicorn Boxing. I got to the point of boxing gloves and stopped. This painting has been sitting aside for about 6months. Recently I thought it would be more expressive if they were sharing affection rather than punches.

This painting is still in the very early stages- Which is fun because we can watch it grow.

Update 4/2/10: lets be honest, im not really sure where Im going with this.

Update 12/12/2010: I added a bit of yellow here and there today, but Im not mush closer to finishing this painting than I was in April. Pics to come soon. Maybe.

Update 12/20/2010: Probably the last time I'll be working on this painting this year. Not that its cleaned up so much I have a good idea where Im going color wise. Suddenly I don't feel too awfully far from finishing this one. (p.s. shiny= wet)

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