Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ginormous DOODLE.

original sketchbook doodle

3x4ft canvas ready for love!Well, the closet broke and the bar fell though this $60 (4 ft.) canvas. To me, this meant it was time to start painting it. Paint over the hole, stich it up, and make it a clever part of the painting. (im not to that clever part quite yet.)

I've learned my lessson of big canvases: plan them out, don't just paint willynilly. So here we are in the early stages. Painting Doodles take FOREVER so there should be alot of along-the-way pics to post.


  1. Pretty tree! I see birds! What will become of this blue-green heaven?

  2. The leaves turned out really pretty. What's the size of this one?

  3. I think its a 3ft by 4ft canvas..

  4. This painting belongs to me because I am an awesome friend. :)