Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 Goals... Let's start with Portraits.

12/15/2010 Self Portrait

I really wanna devote 2011 to sharpening my skills, and figuring out where I'm going artistically. I feel I should START with portraits. Much of the work I really like does involve the face. sorta. Take Travis Louie for example. Its not an actual portrait of a person, but the subject and the lighting is really fantastic. Kris Lewis is another artist's work that I admire.

So, I need to figure this portrait thing out. Im starting with my own mug. As you can tell, I have a ways to go. The above sketch took about 90 minutes- and involved alot of erasing. I love to mark my progress so expect to see many more posts of my face. Hopefully they will be more and more recognizably my face as I go along.

Update: Feb 2011
Started the first Self portrait painting of the new year. I expect there will be many. not out of vanity, but out of trying to get it right. Currently, It looks like Zombie Allie. Hoping to get a chance to do more work on it

March 2011 Update: Still kinda Zombie-ish. Just more wonk-eyed.

December 2011 Update:
This painting has been on the back burner most of the year.
Im not terribly fond of it, but it is almost complete.

Jan 2012 update:

finished and still wet.

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