Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hoorah for Sunday.....Sunday is Painting day....

A Giraffe, a hummingbird, and a Dino. These are a few items Ive been working on throughout today. Having the first real day off Ive had in a while (no road trips, no feeling awful, no massive amount of errands to run) Ive been trying to catch up on a few paintings.

OTHER paintings Ive been working on today that are not pictured, but should be coming soon (should i ever finish them) include 2 other bird paintings, another stegosaurus painting, and "Charlie & Rex" - my dino/unicorn love sympathy that will probably never be complete. ( to see more of Charlie & Rex click HERE or on the title itself)

Also of note: this is an awful pic of my dino. However so much of the canvas was wet (and REFLECTIVE) that a decent pic couldn't be taken by my unskilled hands.

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