Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I finished my first monster painting...

mmm... So I think I finished my first (doodle)monster painting. Its itty bitty. 5x5inches. It has an unfinished sister painting that should be finished in about 6 weeks, so check back for that one. That one is a bit larger and Im probably gonna be able to do more with it.

I dont really know where Im going with these, but that's pretty exciting right now. Im really motivated to continue these and see where and what they evolve to. I posted pics of the process below.

My first monster doodle. I do love to add tentacles.

I think I had a purple canvas already painted and ready for a subject...

The eyes still needed a bit more...

It seems finished, but im not sure if it FEELS finished. we'll see.

PS- Thank you , Amanda Burns, for the monster idea.

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