Monday, February 7, 2011

Finished. Unnamed Giraffe Painting.

Whew! I love when I KNOW a painting is complete.

I'm thinking "Lanky Lavender"? or maybe "Mulberry Mammalian Madge"?

Honestly, I'm better at painting them than naming them. She isnt dry to the touch yet, so please forgive the quality of the pics. Below are pics from Start to finish of this unnamed amethyst Giraffe.

Beginning with a Sketch....

painting starts to take form..... I kinda liked her bald...

Adding a few spots and a little hair...

a tail here, a pupil there... plus a few finishing touches

click on the pic for a larger, clear-er view & wonderful pics to come, I promise... as soon as it dries enough for the shine to wear off a bit.

Im on the verge of finishing several paintings, so please check back soon.

2/16 Update:
her name is now: Long Neck Lola

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