Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Mamma Jamma Sharpie Doodle Monster in Progress

Well, I've been working on her for a while now. Im up to about 3 feet of Sharpie Doodle. All those tiny details take a while. Looking at these pics Im not sure any more if Ive even finished the original drawing- not to mention what I want to put on top of her. I think parts of this need to be 3-D, so it literally pops up at you.

I drained two Sharpies dry making this momma. When was the last time you can remember finishing a Sharpie? Never is my guess. FEEL FREE to click on the pics to see tons of detail!

Ive been in a doodling frenzy so I'll have smaller monster doodles and more on this Mamma Jamma soon, Im sure.


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