Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 headed giraffe and an (in progress) monster doodle.

My last post promised that I was getting back into the swing of things artistically. This post I wanted to post some proof. Above is the (maybe) complete sketch of my 2 headed giraffe. Hopefully more sketches or oil paintings on the subject will follow.

Below is the beginnings of a new project. Some of you might remember my Sharpie Monster Doodles- most were on 5x8 or 11x14 paper. I am now shooting to make a few large Monster Doodles. Im thinking at least small child sized. Im kicking around the idea of them having moving parts... I dont know, but we'll see. Im excited to find out where this takes me.

(she is always so judgmental of my work...)

Anyway, I have several projects piled up that need my attention (new and old) and I hope to be filling this blog with many dino, kangaroo, and monster paintings and creations!

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